Target Audience

We address experts from three communities in which there is only a small overlap at present, despite the clear mutual benefits to be gained for integration of social Web, semantic Web, and television technologies.

There is an emerging wealth of data from the social Web which could be used more valuably, beyond the current social TV state of the art. However, this requires more advanced data analysis and understanding, as well as common data schemas and APIs for data exchange and integration across sources. Semantic technologies can bring the necessary data understanding and integration, once both TV and social Web data is integrated into the semantic Web. Then, as explored by NoTube, TV can become more personal and more social, both better adapted to the viewer’s individual interests and wishes, as well as better enabled to make TV viewing more social via shared experiences, discussions and pulling TV viewing up into the social Web as well as the social Web down into TV viewing.

This opens new innovation and exploitation potential for data owners, providers, network operators, television companies, broadcasters, and hardware manufacturers as well as entrepreneurs who can fill the gap as developers and providers of new added-value data-based iTV services. We expect all of these groups will take an interest in the workshop alongside researchers in the fields of social Web, semantic Web and television, particularly those focused on the overlaps between these fields.


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