We are pleased to announce a keynote talk by researcher Jan Hess of the University of Siegen on “HCI perspectives on Social TV– sketching new directions to support social use”

Jan Hess, invited speaker to EuroITV 2011 workshop Future Television Jan’s work is focused on Entertainment Computing, Participatory Design and End User Development. He supervised several projects in the field of iTV and currently coordinates the SocialMedia project.
  • Presentation session – accepted of short and long papers will show research results from projects where social and semantic Web technologies are being applied to video or television (broadcast streams). Papers will be selected on the basis of their relevance to the workshop and quality of the work, as judged by members of a program committee. Additionally, posters will be presented of innovative ideas in this field.
  • Demo session – presentation of demos to illustrate the research presented in the workshop papers. This is meant to encourage continued interaction between the workshop participants and highlight current possibilities. Additionally prototypes from the NoTube project will be shown as well as during the workshop breaks.
  • Closing discussion – an engaging open discussion around how to make TV more personal and social through the integration of social and semantic Web with TV: what can be possible and how can it be transferred to industry? What is to be expected regarding user acceptance and how can that be improved? Where are the gaps or barriers to uptake, e.g. privacy concerns, lack of standards?

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