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Privacy revisited

Early on in the NoTube project we asked how we address the challenge that people want personalisation without any compromise to their privacy. We posed this question in the context of the NoTube Beancounter, a service for aggregating and analysing … Continue reading

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On serendipity

One of our more recent NoTube demos was inspired by an XKCD cartoon which prompted us to ask: can we make a large video collection interesting enough so that people keep browsing rather than give up? As we’ve said before, … Continue reading

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Second screen usability

Back in early May we blogged about some usability issues associated with using a smartphone app as a TV remote control and ‘companion device’ in one of the NoTube prototypes developed by the BBC. Since then ‘second screen’ apps for TV have … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Linked Data to improve the TV experience

One of the main themes in NoTube is connecting the Web and TV through the use of Linked Data to enhance the TV experience. In the BBC’s part of the project we are specifically interested in exploring how Linked Data … Continue reading

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Using cartoon-strip style sketches to convey our ideas in NoTube

The BBC’s role in NoTube is as one of three ‘Use Case’ partners – we come up with ideas and prototypes which drive the technology choices and services created in the other parts of the project. The theme of the … Continue reading

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The future will be watching not reading

Following our EU project review in May, the most recent NoTube project meeting last month was a good time to reflect a little on what we’ve done so far and what we should do next, especially given the speed with … Continue reading

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How can we best measure how good people think our recommendations are?

Recently a friend was describing how her friend had persuaded her to watch a DVD that she thought she’d absolutely hate, but ended up loving. The DVD was the 2004 BBC TV series ‘Blackpool’ (described as “part musical, part thriller, … Continue reading

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Designing a touch-screen TV remote control on a smartphone

Our first demo for “Internet TV in the Social Web” includes an iPhone app that works as both a TV remote control and a ‘companion device’ for viewing programme recommendations and programme guides, managing programme playlists, and reading background information … Continue reading

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Filming our NoTube demo: Hollywood here we come

Within the NoTube project, the BBC together with colleagues from VU University Amsterdam, Pro-netics and other project partners are exploring the theme of “Internet TV in the Social Web”. Over the past few months we have been planning and building … Continue reading

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In praise of swimlane diagrams

As an Information Architect (IA) I often make diagrams of various kinds – usually user flow diagrams, sitemaps and wireframes. However, I’d never made use of swimlane diagrams until the most recent NoTube project meeting. Commonly used for diagramming business … Continue reading

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