Live profile and recommendation evolution

During the just closed NoTube project 2th year review, we showed some real demos involving users interacting with a bunch of different devices/interfaces, that once integrated and consolidated will allow the user to get a new tv experience.
Let’s see what it is about through a couple of those user flows.

Steven flow
Steven has some pages in facebook he liked: Martin Scorsese, Alien 3 and Dave Gorman. He also wrote some tweets recently, but just to reply to someone else’s tweet, without using any hashtag. From the liked pages Notube computes a profile, finding all the relevant DBpedia subjects of those entities (i.e. ‘American film directors’, ‘New York Democrats’ etc. from Martin Scorsese) and giving them a weight. Each couple (subject, weight) is an interest:

interest i = (subject i, weight i)

where the weight is computed according to:

weight i = n. of occurrences of subject i / n. of interests

I.e. the trivial subject ‘Living people’, skipped by Notube cause it doesn’t lead to any real information about Steven preferences (too many entities are ‘Living people’), would get a higher weight from those 3 initial activities, cause both Martin Scorsese and Dave Gorman are living people, something like 2/12 = 0.16 if Steven has got 12 interests in total. Ok, this is Steven actual situation in terms of profile. Now browsing his personal Notube recommendations from BBC on his second screen device (an iPad), he chooses to watch Timecop, a movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme. This movie has been recommended because “We found a match with subjects: ‘1990s science fiction films’ with weight 0.2 and ‘Films shot anamorphically’, so there’s a 14% probability you like this”, as the relative explanation states.  Actually those 2 subjects were both among the Alien 3 entity subjects. He makes his choice by dragging and dropping the Timecop icon into the tv icon he can see in his iPad. This in turn triggers the start of the movie on the tv. So Steven watches Timecop and he ends to like it, so he presses the ‘like’ button in his iPad interface. This automatically triggers a tweet saying: “I liked Timecop on BBC player”. This tweet is gathered and interpreted by Notube, that uses it to update Steven profile. So i.e. those two subjects in common between Alien 3 and Timecop (‘1990s science fiction films’ and ‘Films shot anamorphically’) will grow to a higher weight. Ok. Now Steven keeps on doing things on the web. He watches two Youtube videos taken from the Jackie Chan movies ‘Young Master’ and ‘Project A’ and presses the ‘I like’ button above them. This in turn also is catched by Notube and added up to the profile.  So subjects like ‘Martial arts films’ and ‘Films directed by Jackie Chan’ gain some significant weight too.

After a while Steven comes back to his Notube iPad application to be suggested about something new to watch. He can now consider some new items, affected by his last activities. I.e. there’s the BBC program ‘Friday night with Jonathan Ross’ where Jacki Chan is an interviewed guest, or the movie ‘JFK’ because being directed by Oliver Stone, who’s influenced by Christopher Largen, who inturn is influenced by Martin Scorsese, as he can learn by the explanation. Or more: ‘Doctor Who – Series 2 – The Satan Pit’, cause the actor Danny Webb played a role in Alien 3 too. Steven eventually chooses to watch ‘Friday night with Jonathan Ross’ by dragging and dropping it as usual. Besides that, he recommends JFK to Silvia, an italian friend of him, he thinks she can like it. He does this by dropping JFK into her friend’s icon, placed along with all other friends’ in a side box on his iPad interface.

Silvia flow

Silvia is on her sofa, exhausted, zapping between a terrible reality show and a stupid tv series episode, when her iPad gets the notification about Steven recommendation. So thanks to her last glimmer of coscience she manages to switches to the iPad and to start watching JFK. In principle she’s very interested in this king of things, but now she’s really too tired to follow the multi-faceted plot, so she comes back to the recommendations on her iPad while the movie is going on. As backgound information, we have to say she liked some pages in facebook about South Korea, Dublin and Afghanistan, she’s very much into foreign politics issues. In her interface she chooses the news domain and gets some RAI 1 news recommended, about Ireland crisis and war clouds between South and North Korea, coupled with the relative explanations referring to her profile. While watching she goes on Twitter and comments on something she reads typing a couple of tweets, one about Iran nuclear threat and another one about London lifestyle. Something like: “scared about last #Iran statements” and “why do people in #London seem always a bit more stylish than the others?”. After that, her profile gets updated (thanks to the hashtags) and two more news appear on her iPad. The first is about an Iran dissident who manages to meet her son after 20 years and a second one about riots in London put on by english students. Silvia opts for the latter and drag it into her tv.

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