W3C publishes report on Web TV, NoTube pushes for semantics and APIs

The W3C has now issued a summary of the 2nd workshop on Web and TV, which took place this February in Berlin. NoTube was present at this event and project representatives Libby Miller and Dan Brickley pushed for the use of semantic technology, especially Linked Data, in the TV space as well as for the provision of shared APIs for interacting with the TV playout device.
As the content of the report shows, the NoTube project has been ahead of its time in anticipating multi-modal, multi-device Web TV with a need for semantics in TV data and integration of social and personal data with TV. Hence, NoTube welcomes the W3C’s interest to drive agreed specifications and models for the rapidly emerging Web TV world, with a goal for interoperability and open standards as opposed to today’s fragmented landscape of proprietary platforms.
In particular, the W3C Web and TV interest group intends to develop a vision on metadata and a roadmap for convergence between W3C and TV industry developments. NoTube looks forward to continued involvement in these exciting developments, which could set the stage for a more open, and widely taken up, Web TV of the future.

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