SmartLink goes ESWC2011

Part of the Open University’s work on service integration in NoTube is an RDF-based services annotation and tracking environment dubbed “SmartLink” which will be presented at this years Extended Semantic Web Conference in Crete.

SmartLink is short for “SeMantic Annotation enviRonmenT for Linked Services”. Simply put, it is an easy-to-use Web application aiding users in the creation of Linked Services – semantic service annotations following Linked Data ( principles. Amongst other things, it provides an interface to populate and query the Linked Services repository iServe.

SmartLink builds on existing technologies and standards to enable wide reach of its annotations. Users can annotate arbitrary APIs and services – whether REST-ful or WSDL/SOAP-based – via a simple Web form. Annotations are stored in RDF following established service schemas, namely WSMO-Lite and the Minimal Service Model (MSM) which follow a light-weight approach to Semantic Web Services. Storage of annotations is spread across two public RDF-stores: iServe handles all functional properties defined in the MSM schema while an additional and SmartLink-specific RDF repository hosts further non-functional service properties. A unified interface to store and query annotations across both repositories is provided by SmartLink.

To sum up, SmartLink allows (a) service developers to annotate their services and APIs as Linked Data and make them available to interested third parties and (b) aids service consumers, for instance application developers, to search and track services suiting particular needs. While more automation-oriented tasks such as orchestration or execution are currently supported only in a very limited way, we are currently working on adding support for execution-oriented features like lifting/lowering or orchestration. That should hopefully be available within the next months.

Interested to learn more? Meet us at ESWC’11!

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